Dealing with pain is never easy, but when you are a busy mom it makes life almost impossible. Emily describes her incredible story of how Nimbus Performance helped her regain the healthy, happy and whole life that she wanted.


Life takes a toll on our bodies, especially when you are as physically active as Erik. Learn how the cm2 Technology helps Erik’s body to overcome the aches and pains of everyday life so he can continue living the active life that he loves.


Between being a barre instructor and full time grandma chasing around her wild grandchildren, there isn’t much time for Raylene to worry about recovering from the physical demands of life. Listen as she describes the steps she takes each day that keep her moving at 100% each and every day.


Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered where those extra pounds came from over the years? Listen to Darrell’s awesome experience with SLIM as he works towards his physical goals.

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