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There are 2 methods for new members to enroll:

1. Sponsor enrollment (Recommended!)

You can complete and submit the form below to register a new member.

  • Step 1 is to fill out and submit the Registration form further down this page.
  • Step 2 – The new member then logs into the website using the credentials created in Step 1, and during checkout, has the option of either remaining your Personally Enrolled Preferred Customer, or becoming your Personally Enrolled Affiliate by clicking on the Join the Network button during checkout. You will receive volume and bonus credit for any purchases they make as a Preferred Customer until they elect to activate as an Affiliate by clicking on the Join the Network button during any checkout.

Sponsor Enrollment TIP! Be sure to explain the activation process to the enrollee while registering them if their intention is to become an Affiliate today!

2. Customer Self-enrollment during checkout

If your new member wishes they can self-enroll by clicking on the Join the Network button during the checkout process of any future order they place. In this case, you should make sure they either use your affiliate link to come to the website (located in the lower portion of your Dashboard), or they can enter your Affiliate ID or Username manually during the checkout process.

Complete the form below to enroll a new member.

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