Shopping Experience Update

Nimbus Performance is excited to announce several new programs and changes that will boost your business opportunities and enhance your overall Customer experience.

Program Change 1

Effective September 18, 2019, we have activated retail pricing to Customers to improve the gap between your Affiliate price and Customer retail.  Don’t worry, Affiliate pricing has not changed. This will assist in nudging Customers to become Affiliates and providing better margins for Affiliates that choose to buy and resell product.  You spoke…we listened!


Program Change 2

There is a new page once you enter the “Shopping Experience” that asks you to choose between a “Customer”, “Affiliates” or “Business Professional” (brick and mortar)”.  The purpose is to provide an improved and more targeted experience to each shopper.

For example:

-Option 1. When shopping as a Customer, only the full retail price of the product will be displayed.  The Customer will have the option during this process to enroll as an Affiliate and receive wholesale pricing or remain a Customer.  

-Option 2. When shopping as an Affiliate, wholesale pricing will be displayed.  The Affiliates price will be visible to all of your Customers or future Affiliates that shop on your site.  

-Option 3. The third option is our new portal for Business Professionals, defined as someone with a brick and mortar location that has patients or clients. Examples are chiropractors, M.D’s, health professionals, gym owners, trainers, etc…


There will be more information forthcoming regarding the opportunities to be involved with the Nimbus Business Professional Program.  Our current timeline for release to Affiliates will be during the month of October.


By directing shoppers to the appropriate portal, the shopping experience will improve and the product pack assortments will match desired needs and improve the overall Nimbus experience.



Update 1

A new easy to use auto-ship program will be available for all Customers, Affiliates and Business Professionals prior to October 1, 2019.  This program will come with perks that include free shipping, reduced product pricing and many other special promotions throughout the year.  You will want to be on auto-ship.



We are dedicated to the success of our amazing Affiliates. Your success is our success!  Thank you for all your effort and patience. The Nimbus Affiliate family is amazing.

Let us know how we are doing or get with us on your questions at



Your Nimbus Performance Team

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