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Everyday Complete Core Nutrition

The Formula:
Feed your cells daily with a complete all-in-one blend of core vitamins & minerals, powerful anti-oxidants, gut health enzymes, organic greens and an all natural immune boost complex. This is Nutrition Science for your cell matrix.

The Delivery System:
X2 BASE is your all-in-one daily nutrient stick pack designed to be consumed with up to 12oz of cool water.

Primary Benefits:

  • Cell nutrition for your heart, brain, eyes, skin, muscles, gut health, blood, bones, metabolism, and overall cell energy.
  • Fill the nutritional gaps created by a busy lifestyle and dietary choices.
  • Build cell health from within for daily energy, strength and peak performance.
  • Convenient single serve for “on the go” and sharing.

30 Individual Sticks


The comprehensive BASE blend starts with a broad spectrum of core vitamins fill key dietary gaps. We then add the following cell health boosters: – Minerals for systemic, cognitive, muscle and cell health support. – Fibers: for blood sugar support. – Himalayan salt for sleep and mood support, – Proteins for bones, muscles, cartilage and blood support. – Vitamin D complex for bone, blood and immune support. – Vitamin B complex for cell metabolism, blood, metabolic and genetic support. – A Powerful blend of antioxidants to help protect cells from unavoidable free radicals and support immune functions, eye health and many other wellness functions. – Vitamin C an anti-oxidant, skin collagen boost, wound healing and immune support. – Thiamine to assist in food to energy conversion and internal metabolic support. – Riboflavin for cell metabolism and ATP cell production support. – Niacin for digestive, nerve and skin support. – Vitamin B6 for blood and immune support. – Folate for cell support at the atomic level. – Biotin for cell metabolism and energy on demand support. – Pantothenic acids to support the body’s ability to breakdown fats, carbohydrates and protein for energy conversion. – Calcium for blood, muscle, bone, teeth and muscle support. – Zink for wound healing, cell growth and development and immune support. – Organic Matcha for ant-oxidant, metabolism, fiber, blood sugar and mood support. – Organic Greens Blend for protein, muscle, nervous system, blood, antioxidants and metabolic energy support. – Proprietary enzyme blend. Seven powerful digestive enzymes to support efficient protein and fat breakdown within the digestive system. – Apple Cider Vinegar for blood sugar, skin, blood pressure, bone, cholesterol, gut health and weight loss support. – Fucoidan for immune, anti-aging and inflammation support. – Polyphenols for broad natural support of the body’s defense mechanisms. – Key amino acids to promote cognitive functions and metabolism. – Zink to support the body’s immune system, wound healing and to fight bacterial intruders.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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