Business Builder Pack

Price: $1,040.00 $850.00 now,
then Price: $127.00 / month

CV: 500

CM2 Pulse Band

In stock

CM2 Sport WEB

In stock (can be backordered)

Portable Battery

Cell Health Foundation

Price: $127.00 / month




Pack includes:

  • 1 Black cm2 Pulse Band
  • 1 cm2 Sport WEB
  • 1 Portable Batter for Sport WEB
  • Monthly Subscription of X2 BASE
  • Monthly Subscription of X2 Charge & Hydrate

By purchasing the Pulse Band Pack, you agree to be charged each month on the same day as your first purchase for the Cell Heath Foundation Pack (monthly supply of X2 BASE  and X2 Charge & Hydrate).

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