• Select affiliate
  • Select position
  • Assign affiliate

Your recent Affiliate enrollees that need to be placed in your network tree are shown below.

To place an Affiliate follow these 3 steps:

Step 1 – Select the Affiliate you want to place by clicking on the Place button in the right column of the list.
Step 2 – All the positions that are available will appear in the list box on the right. (displayed as Affiliate ID – Level + L, R, or both L/R)

  • Highlight (select) the position in the list you want to place this Affiliate under.
  • Click on the Place button.

Step 3 – The Affiliate you selected in step 2 will appear with 1 or both of the open positions (Left/Right).

  • Click on an available position checkbox you want to place the Affiliate in.
  • Click on Place.

That’s It! Your downline has been placed, and you will now see them on the My Genealogy page!

Unplaced Affiliates

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