Pac Points Leaderboard

PAC Points Leaderboard

Race To Your Room

The international trip is rapidly approaching and limited rooms are still available. Will you be one of the lucky qualifiers to join us? 60 PAC Points will qualify you for the trip. Once all the rooms are filled we will be unable to accommodate any more affiliates.

Need to earn more PAC Points?

From March 12, 2019 until the end of the month the following PAC Points earnings will be available.

🔘2 Points for every $100 spent person

🔘2 Points for every $100 spent by customers of yours

🔘2 Points for every $100 spent by new Affiliates that you enroll


You can see a full list of affiliates that have earned PAC Points by clicking here.

For those that qualify, here is what awaits you!

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