Nimbus 100 Club Letter of Intent and Terms and Conditions

Nimbus 100 Club Letter of Intent


I, the undersigned, hereby commit to participate in the Nimbus Performance 100 Club promotion by meeting all the required qualifications as stated in the 100 Club promotional material, Terms and Conditions (page 2).  By submitting this Letter of Intent (LOI), I will be included on the list of Affiliate applicants for the 100 Club promotion.  Nimbus Performance has and will continue to chronologically log the submission date and time of all LOI’s.  The qualified Affiliates will be enrolled in the order (Date and Time) in which their LOI was submitted.


            There is a maximum of 100 applications to be enrolled in the Club 100 program.  Affiliates who meet the initial requirements but enroll after the allotted total of participants is reached will be added chronologically to a preferred wait list.  If a position becomes available in the 100 Club program by failure of any current 100 Club participant to maintain their ongoing qualifications, that spot will be filled from the chronologically maintained wait list. In such circumstance, I will be automatically moved to the 100 Club program if I have met the initial requirements to be on the 100 Club wait list and have maintained the on-going qualifications. Failure to maintain ongoing requirements will result in my removal from the 100 Club.

Each LOI is tracked by date and time submitted in order to secure participation in the 100 Club. To submit the letter of intent, please click on the Submit Button and the form will automatically be sent to Nimbus reserves the right to modify the program to meet all legal requirements or any unforeseen events.

100 Club Terms and Conditions


  1. 1. Valid for the US Market only.
  2. 2. Effective Dates; November 13, 2018 – March 31, 2019
  3. 3. To participate in the 100 Club, a Nimbus Affiliate must qualify in one of the following groups:
    1. a. Group 1 – For those Affiliates who have previously submitted a Letter of Performance in the Peak Performance Group promotion, but are not fully qualified as of Nov. 13, 2018, a “Special Window of Opportunity” has been opened to become eligible again and be a part of the new enhanced 100 Club. Affiliates in this group must meet a 250 CV monthly requirement starting in November 2018 to become qualified to participate in the new 100 Club program. Any current Nimbus Affiliate with a submitted LOI, but not qualified under its original terms can immediately become qualified by meeting requirements stated in paragraphs 4 and 5 and must purchase 1,000 CV worth of Nimbus products.
    2. b. Group 2 – Any new Affiliate who joins Nimbus before December 31, 2018 will immediately become qualified with a personal 1,000 CV purchase. In addition, new Affiliate must sponsor 1 Affiliate with a “Business Builder Pack” or its equivalent volume (1,000 CV minimum purchase). Affiliate must be on a reoccurring 250 CV (LSO) beginning November 2018 and continuing for five of the six months thereafter.
    3. c. Group 3 – Any current Nimbus Affiliate who has already attained all requirements of the original Peak Performance Group program and has had an uninterrupted reoccurring monthly 250 CV purchase since July of 2018, is qualified and grandfathered as an active participant in the new 100 Club.
  4. 4. A qualified Affiliate must sponsor 1 New Affiliate with a “Business Builder Pack”, or product with equivalent volume of 1,000 CV
  5. 5. A qualified Affiliate must be on a reoccurring 250 CV order beginning November 13, 2018 and continuing for 5 of the 6 months thereafter ending on March 31, 2019.
  6. 6. The Pro-Rata Share Basis is based on the personal enrollment tree performance and will be calculated on USA Commissionable Volume only.
  7. 7. The 100 Club percentage calculations represents the percentage of the company’s USA commissionable volume.
  8. 8. If an Affiliate does not qualify for the 100 Club, there will be a waiting list established with a time-date stamp that will allow new entrants through non-qualifying attrition. All Affiliates will sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) indicating their intention and desire to meet the on-going qualifications.
  9. 9. In the spirit of inclusivity and abundance, there will be an active waiting list maintained for the on-going natural attrition of non-qualifying participants. The active waiting list will be based on the time-date stamp of the LOI. Individuals will then be placed in the pool as long as they have maintained all qualifications.
  10. 10. Qualifying Affiliates will enjoy the benefits of Exclusive Offers, promotions and product releases in advance of non-participating Affiliates.
  11. 11. The 100 Club promotion is available from November 13, 2018 – March 31, 2019.
  12. 12. The Terms and Conditions are subject to change.
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